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The Versatile Blogger award 2

Dear friends and lovely readers, I give you... the versatile blogger's award!!! (no. 2). Please check out some of my pages while we're here but feel free to do whatever you want . Thanks for the nomination!!!!! Please check... Continue Reading →

Some Spectacular Wisdom

Life is better with fresh-baked cookies. Go and make some now, come on, as a treat. Ingredients: 100g butter 125g Caster sugar (golden gives a lovely flavour) 1 egg 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract (optional, but does make the whole thing... Continue Reading →

A love-filled treat

These little chocolate cupcakes with a Jam buttercream frosting were good, but I couldn't find any food colour to make these have a wonderful vibrant pink frosting which would have been good for Valentines's day, so they don't look great.... Continue Reading →

Its Valentine’s Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's day, I hope you're all getting some love!! I love this cute love candle holder and it really sets the atmosphere going! Roses are red, Violets are blue, I do love some baking, but you're all right too!... Continue Reading →

Hazelnut Meringue and Chocolate cake

This is amazing!! Made this for a lunch party and it rocked! Slightly intimidating but not as much as you'd think and completely worth the effort. For the meringue: 175g ground Hazelnuts, plus some roughly chopped to decorate 4 medium... Continue Reading →

Quote for the Day

I wasn't the brightest button in the class at school, but I enjoyed cooking and baking. I wasn't clever enough at Maths O-level to get onto the cookery teaching course I really wanted to do, so I did a catering... Continue Reading →

Peanut butter, Banana and Chia seed Toast

Absolute delish! Had this for breakfast and would recommend! Just spread peanut butter onto to toast, cover with banana slices and sprinkle with chia seeds. 

Mini Lemon Meringue pies

So I once found a recipe for mini sugar biscuits and piped, lemon flavoured frosting on top - they looked great but I don't think they should of been branded as Mini Lemon Meringue pies because they didn't contain meringue. Therefore I... Continue Reading →

Coffee cup Cappuccino cakes

Right first post.. so I'm not too experienced or anything but I do want to share a take on the classic coffee cake, light, fluffy, creamy, this is a cake inspired by the warming cappuccino and as an innovative way... Continue Reading →

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